Joint Assistance Centre  - India


Joint Assistance Centre is a non-governmental voluntary group headquartered in Delhi.  JAC coordinates conferences and trainings in various parts of India on disaster preparedness.  JAC works in close liaison with other groups, individuals and small grass-roots projects all over India, focusing on such areas as community welfare, health, education, youth development, and agricultural training.  JAC welcomes volunteers from around the world to participate in the work of these organizations.

JAC publishes information materials, books and newsletters, and maintains a library on disasters, environment, healthcare and welfare of women and children.

JAC works in cooperation with various international organizations in disaster preparedness.
The international volunteer programs of JAC are intended to provide opportunities for visiting friends from abroad to see India and learn about its people and their concerns.   The experience enhances the perspective of the volunteer as well as the people working with the volunteers, all becoming ambassadors of peace and understanding.  During the last decade nearly 3,000 volunteers have visited India this way from North American, Europe, Australia, Japan, and other parts of Asia.
Programs run year round in different parts of India.  An individual schedule is created for each person or group to meet his or her needs.  Arrangements need to be made at least 30 days in advance of arrival in India in order to plan properly.  There is a minimum of one month’s commitment required for the JAC programs.  A commitment of at least three months duration will provide a more complete and satisfying experience and is required for the long-term placements.
GROUPS:  Special programs for groups of volunteers can be put together with sufficient advance notice.  This is particularly useful for college or university student groups for whom academic assistance can be provided in India.
Participation in village work camps:  work with villagers on projects such as sanitation, construction, agricultural, environmental improvement,          literacy, women’s welfare, health (including local herbal medicine).  1-4 weeks.
Helping in JAC New Delhi office: office work, research on cultural exchange, disaster preparedness, and other programs.
Preparing for and attending conferences on development, disasters, and environmental issues.
Taking part in environmentally oriented treks in the Himalayan region.
Participation in yoga, meditation, and natural healthcare training programs.
These entail a more in-depth involvement in the work of the sponsoring organizations.  While this work may be similar to work camp programs, the focus may be more specialized.  Volunteers can get involved with editing and publishing or organization of conferences and projects.  People with medical backgrounds can be placed at medical centers.  Those wishing to work with children can stay at a school or a home for children and teach English.  These volunteers should be prepared to learn some basic Hindi language, preferably before they leave for India. Learning Hindi language is also possible at the JAC Delhi office.
It is recommended that the volunteers participate in an orientation program upon their arrival in New Delhi.  This way they will have an opportunity to become acquainted with safe, low-cost ways of living and getting around within India, while being introduced to the Indian culture.  From time to time, JAC offers orientation programs in Northern California providing practical information and helpful hints from experienced travelers.
Accommodations are mostly very basic minimum facilities in homes or at schools and /or other public buildings on common sharing basis.  In all cases the places arranged for accommodation are safe, secure though not comfortable from a western standard.  While in New Delhi, volunteers may stay at the JAC office.  Volunteers help in maintaining the facility.
It is necessary to bring your own bedding.  This includes a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad.  Simple and fresh vegetarian food is provided on all JAC programs.  Smoking, use of drugs and alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.  Violators will be asked to discontinue participation.
Registration fee                                              $ 50.00   
Work camp programs                                      $400.00*
* Includes room, board, admin costs, airport pickup, orientation

The registration fee and some administrative costs in India are not refundable. Travel costs beyond the room, board, administrative costs, airport pickup, and orientation provided by JAC will be borne by the volunteers themselves. 

SPECIAL NOTES Adequate health services are available at most places in India.  However, individual medical insurance coverage should be obtained before leaving for India.

After your registration and acceptance, you will be sent the Visa information, health-related information, a list of reading materials on India, and other needed information. 

If you have any other specific needs or questions please contact Mr. N.B. Shrivatava, JAC Director in India by email at