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Establishment of Rural Libraries in India

Rapid urbanisation is causing problems for the rural poor and their children in India, who live without civic amenities like power (electricity) and sometimes water. For their social and agricultural development, the best answer is improved education, through reading materials like books and periodicals including text books. To support the villages, Joint Assistance Centre is planning to establish libraries in five villages. The locations of the library projects are:

Village Ahmed Nagar, District Kheri (U.P.) INDIA
Village Sansarpur, District Kheri (U.P.) INDIA
Village Prayagpur, District Behraich (U.P.) INDIA
Village Maigra, District Gaya (Bihar) INDIA Village Siodhara, Dist.Barabanki (U.P.) INDIA

Improved educational levels can impact employment levels and income, including agricultural output.  These changes would influence the number of homes getting electricity and water, for example.

At Ahmed Nagar, a room had been already constructed with book shelves. In other four places the safe place to house the library and reading rooms are to be constructed and sufficient land has been donated for this purpose.
A.        Cost estimate for rooms:
            Library/reading rooms to cater 50 persons at a time are to be constructed at four places.
            This will require an amount of $8,000 ($2,000 for each location)
B.         Cost estimate for furniture:
            Approximately $5,000 will be required for low cost durable furniture for each all locations.
C.         Books and periodicals:
            About one thousand books of Agriculture Disasters and Social Sciences are available with JAC. In addition to this about 200 books for each library
            will be required. If average cost of books is $4 the amount for 200 books will be $800. The 50 periodicals for 5 libraries will require an expenditure
            of $700 annually. Total amount required will be $1,500.          

The total cost of the Library project for five villages is $14,500. Any amount received for this project will be used on need based manner starting from establishing the library at Ahmed Nagar village. Work in other villages will be scheduled afterwards.

Your tax-deductible contributions in any amount can be made to:

Joint Assistance Centre
PO Box 6082

San Pablo CA 94806 USA